Implementation of Plastic Processing Projects

Establishment of Shredding and Baling machines, for converting waste plastics into shredded plastics for construction of polymerized roads.

Polymerised Road Tarring

Shredded plastics are sourced from LSGIs and is being provided to LSGD (Engineering) and PWD for construction of Polymerised Roads.

E-Waste Collection and Recycling

E-Waste emanating out of the government departments/institutions and other organizations in the state, are recycled and disposed off scientifically.

Clean Kerala Company Limited, formed under the Local Self Government Department, Government of Kerala, is being coined with the objective of ensuring hygiene management of the state through the adoption of innovative and scientific methods and proven technology, adhering to the concept of  active participation of the public and private sectors. The company aims to ensure comprehensive management of all harmful rejections in the state, thereby ensuring that the hygiene of the state is never compromised

The company has taken concrete steps in ensuring comprehensive management of harmful rejections in the state in all walks of life. The company has been successful in implementing various projects for the management of harmful rejections emanating from the state and for the enhancement of the beauty of the pathways of the urban localities in the state.

Shredded Plastic : Top 5's of Financial Year 2017-18

Unit that supplied most quantity for tarring

  1. Kochi Corporation : 74,375 Kg
  2. Trivandrum Corporation : 38,071 Kg
  3. Azhiyoor GP, Kozhikode : 14,000 Kg
  4. Payyannur Municipality, Kannur : 8,598 Kg
  5. Shornur Municipality, Palakkad : 5,963 Kg

District that used most quantity for tarring

  1. Ernakulam : 27,590 Kg
  2. Trivandrum : 23,752 Kg
  3. Palakkad : 22,242 Kg
  4. Thrissur : 21,949 Kg
  5. Kozhikode : 16,138 Kg

2,65,605.88 KG

of Shredded Plastic supplied as on 31/10/2018

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108,448.00 KG

of Shredded Plastic in stock as on 31/10/2018

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Implementation of Shredded Plastic Production Units (30/8/2018)

(List includes Corporations, Municipalities and Block Panchyaths in Kerala)

Project Submitted : 244 || Project Approved : 219 || Agreement Executed : 194 || Machine Installed : 125 || Production Started : 56

1165 tonnes E-waste collected as on 31/10/2018

736 tonnes E-waste collected during the financial year 2017-18