212 tonnes collected

Plastic rejections are considered to be the major contributor towards the irreparable damage caused to the environment due to pollution, world over. Plastic found in different forms are toxic in nature. Inordinate dumping of plastic near water bodies and Indiscriminate burning of plastics are the root cause of exponential increase in the pollution index of many a city in the world.

Kerala is no exception. It comes across as a state which is a prolific user of plastic in every walk of life. The prevalent practices of managing plastic rejections in the state leave a lot to be desired. Due to the inherent non-biodegradable nature of plastics, inordinate dumping of plastic rejections in the banks of roads and various water bodies are maligning the environment and is posing a grave threat to the maintenance of hygiene in the society.

In an effort to alleviate the hazards posed by indiscriminate disposal of plastics in the streets and open dump yards in the state, Clean Kerala Company Ltd commenced the collection of low grade plastics from urban local bodies across the state. The project was launched on 2nd  October 2014 by the Honorable Chief Minister of Kerala , Sri.Oomen Chandy and till date 187 Tonnes of low grade plastics have been collected from 4 Corporation and 37 Municipalities and these waste plastics have been forwarded to M/S Neptune Automation, Erode, the agency, authorized by the T.N.P.C.B to carry out scientific recycling of plastics, which has been identified by Clean Kerala Company Ltd  through an open E-tending process, for the recycling of collected plastics.

By the successful implementation of the project, Clean Kerala Company Ltd was able to clear huge volumes of plastic wastes from the state thereby rendering the state to be clean and hygienic.

Plastics were collected from cross the state and the following urban local bodies in three zones of the state who had handed over the maximum quantity of waste were given awards as a token of appreciation.